Charanga is delighted to be working with partners in India to support and grow usage of the award-winning online Charanga platform. In Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana we are pleased to be working in partnership with Carnatic Gurukulam, led by Vinod Kumar. Vinod and his team can help you with any questions you may have about Charanga.

Vinod Kumar

T.Vinod Kumar
Founder, Carnatic Gurukulam

Vinod Kumar is a singer, professional music teacher and voice trainer from Bangalore. Hailing from a traditional music family from Palakkad in Kerala, Vinod has a deep passion for music and singing. Vinod’s vocal training began at the age of 5 with his very own grandparents P.Narayanaswamy and P.Vaidhyanathan – nadaswaram instrumental artists known as the “Nallepilly Brothers” who were renowned T.V. and All India Radio graded musicians from Palakkad, Kerala.

Vinod provides voice lessons and voice culture training for singers, and music learning for students of all age groups in his own music academy and on-line from his two Music Academy branches in India: Nadha Sangamam Academy of Performing Arts, Chennai; and Carnatic Gurukulam, Bangalore.

Kammasandra, Electronic City, Bengaluru – 560 100
Phone: +91-99722.10484